Hidden Islands within Islands

Marine Lakes

Marine lakes can be seen as natural laboratories: they allow us to research different aspects of ecology and evolution.


What are marine lakes?

  • Landlocked bodies of seawater on islands of karst.
  • Formed 6,000 - 12,000 years ago with the rise of seawater level.
  • Variably connected with the surrounding sea via subterannean channels.
  • Only ~100 marine lakes are known worldwide.
  • Found in clusters of more than 30 lakes in Indonesia.
  • Pristine environments that contain unique species.

Dr. Lisa Becking


Christiaan de Leeuw
PhD Candidate

Diede Maas
PhD Candidate

Gandi Purba
PhD Candidate


May 6th, 2017

Lisa Becking gives talk to promote legislation for conservation of marine lakes

The Lakes of Gold Expedition has started! Part of the Marine Lakes Team is now at the University of Papua in Manokwari, Indonesia. Lisa Becking gave a presentation on marine lakes in the Bird’s Head Seascape, where she detailed the risks and gave recommendation for protection. ... (read more)