Tutorials at the University of Papua

The marine lakes team of 2017, consisting of Master students Agustin Capriati and Luca Prins, visiting the University of Papua to give several tutorials. They shared their knowledge on CPCe (Coral Point Count with Excel extension), basic analyses in R and updated the previous sessions on jellyfish monitoring. Dr. Hamid Toha gave the team a warm welcome and opened the workshop. In total, more than 15 people attended including UNIPA students, lecturers and some other counterparts such as mr. Purwanto from TNC. Each participant was asked to bring their own laptop so they could follow along with the tutorial. Agustin and Luca then went through the programs step by step.

Although it was not easy, it was also not difficult. The challenge was to get multiple people with very different experience levels in CPCe and R on the same page. In the end it was fun though! 

Christiaan De Leeuw