Meet the team members of the Islands of Gold expedition

Agustin Capriati


Agustin Capriati is an MSc student from Wageningen University. She is a young conservationalist at the beginning of her career. She is interested in benthic communities and the conservation of marine species. Currently, she is working in the Marine Animal Ecology Group under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Becking. Agustin is doing research on the benthic community ecology and stingless jellyfish in marine lakes. For this fieldwork expedition, she has been awarded the Young Explorers Grant (YEG) from National Geographic.

Previously, Agustin graduated from Brawijaya University for her Bachelor’s Degree. During her Bachelor’s in 2014, she has conducted research into zonation planning for a coastal area in East Java, where she focussed on conservation areas. She also led a team which initiated a conservational program called ‘A coral nanny‘, a coral reef rehabilitation program in Banyuwangi, East Java in 2013-2015. Furthermore, in 2016, she conducted a MSc thesis on benthic communities in the mangroves of Demak, Central Java, under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Becking and Dr. Dolfi Debrot.


Amanda Putri


Amanda Pricella Putri is an MSc student from Wageningen University, with Marine Governance as her specialization. During the Island of Gold Expedition in 2017, she is conducting a stuy about sustainable conservation management of the jellyfish lakes in Misool, Raja Ampat.

Amanda obtained her Bachelor’s Degree at the Fisheries Department of Hasanuddin University. After she graduated, she worked as a research assistant at the Research and Development Centre for Marine, Coastal and Small Islands (RDC MaCSI) of Hasanuddin University from 2013-2015. In 2016, she enrolled at Wageningen University as a Master, and started working with the Marine Animal Ecology group, under the supervision of Dr. Lisa Becking. Here, she conducted a MSc thesis on the stakeholder participation in the conservation and management of jellyfish lakes in Misool.

Luca Prins


Luca Prins is an MSc student from Wageningen University. She has been interested in marine life since she was very young. At ten years old, she even went to the beach before school, to put a jellyfish in a glass bowl to show it to her class during a presentation. After finishing high school, she decided to travel through Indonesia for a couple of months. As she loved the different cultures, the food, and the nature, she knew that she would return to Indonesia somewhere in the future.

After finishing her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Amsterdam, Luca started following the Master’s program Aquaculture and Marine Resource Management at Wageningen University. Now she finally had the chance to return to Indonesia, and this time with a goal! The fieldwork trip to Raja Ampat will be part of her internship, supervised by Dr. Lisa Becking and Diede Maas. The main focus of this project will be on the varying abundances and the differences in morphology of the jellyfish found in the marine lakes. As Luca considers it to be of great importance to safeguard these unique ecosystems, she feels proud to have the possibility to contribute to the conservation of these marine lakes.